ESÄ École supérieure d’art du Nord Pas‐de Calais Dunkerque / Tourcoing

Dunkerque / Tourcoing

5 Rue de l’Esplanade
59140 Dunkerque
T +33 (0)3 28 63 72 93

36Bis Rue des Ursulines
59200 Tourcoing
T +33 (0)3 59 63 43 20

Visual arts, continuing education
French language education and art class (FLEA).

Baccalauréat or equivalent

5 years


Diplôme National d’Art (DNA) art – 3rd year
Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (DNSEP), art – 5th year, MA level

350, with 120 on the Dunkirk site
and 230 on the Tourcoing site

Ivan Renar

Interim director

Catherine Delvigne

Director of studies and head of the Tourcoing site

Martial Chmielina

Frédéric Musy

Assistant to the director in charge of human resources
Halima Medjahedi

Lahoucine Essofi

Head of international relations (ERASMUS, FLEA)
Florian Virly

Pedagogical administrator

Christine Szlezak

Eric Harasym: head librarian
Delphine Riche: assistant librarian, Dunkirk
Anne Danjou: assistant librarian, Tourcoing

Technical team, Dunkirk
Stéphane Lheureux: head of the technical team
Ludivine Landy: maintenance

Technical team, Tourcoing
Fabrice Desmarecaux: head of the technical team
Jean Paul Leman: technician
Jeannine Depondt: maintenance
Nathalie Hoste: maintenance

Teaching staff, Dunkirk
Christophe Atabekian: video and sound
Albert Clermont: photography
Francisco Federici: art history
Cécile Douet: English
Laëtitia Legros: drawing
Julien Pastor: 3D work – installation
Dominique Pautre: painting
Cyril Crignon: aesthetics, philosophy
Philippe Robert: publishing, exhibitions
Assistants and technicians
Nicolas Cabos: publishing – CAP – printing
Audrey Charlet: video
Jean-Claude Mouton: photography
Arnaud Delbeke: photography
Florian Virly: French as a foreign language, art

Teaching staff, Tourcoing
Pierre Yves Bohm: visual arts
Gérard Briche: philosophy
Magali Claude: video and installation
Jean-Claude Demeure: painting
Cécile Douet: English
Yan Zheng: Chinese
Pascal Duthoit: analogue photography
Gilles Froger: art and writing
Éric Harasym: documentary methodology
Anne Émilie Philippe: multiples and silkscreen printing
Hervé Lesieur: sculpture
Benoît Meneboo: digital photography
Claire Malrieux: drawing
Nathalie Poisson-Cogez: art history
Richard Skryzak: video
Nathalie Stefanov: art history
Janusz Stega: colour
Ming Tong: art of line
Alexis Trousset: engraving
Assistants and technicians
Stéphane Cabée: 3D work
Martial Chmielina-Verschaeve: infographics
Williams Thery: video
Claudia Galera: French as a foreign language, art

Created by the fusion of the higher regional schools of Dunkerque (Dunkirk) and Tourcoing in 2011, the École Supérieure d’Art du Nord-Pas-de-Calais Dunkerque-Tourcoing (ESÄ) has sites in these two cities which provide a training leading to the French national arts diploma, DNSEP (Diplôme National d’Expression Plastique), specialising in the visual arts.

In Tourcoing, ESÄ puts the emphasis on practices linked to the performing arts and to sound and digital technologies, encouraged by its closeness to Pôle Image, Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Pictanovo, and many other cultural and professional structures working in these areas As for Dunkirk, the city’s exceptional range of contemporary art institutions (FRAC Nord-Pas-de-Calais, LAAC, Musée des Beaux-Arts) made it logical for the site to put the emphasis on exhibition and study of the exhibition as a field of expertise, personal engagement and field of production.

By conceiving teaching models, partnerships and integrated courses of study designed to meet the practical implications of real, contemporary issues in the professional fields of art, culture and creativity in the broad sense, ESÄ sets out to support its graduates in establishing themselves professionally, to help build networks and to consolidate academic and institutional exchanges with its partners and to position itself as a true public resource, in the World and in the City.

Examples of this are the creation of an “art with French as a foreign language” class (FLEA) designed to help non-French speaking students to reach the necessary linguistic level, the creation of a satellite class in Annaba, Algeria, the institution of an integrated ARTIMAGE course preparing students for entry into Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains, and the opening of public courses in theory (ALTA).

In anticipation of a future research cycle, the school has set up an “Art and the City” research programme, in line with its constant efforts to promote the values of openness and hospitality to the world and to the other.