ESADA École Supérieure d’art & de design d’Amiens

40, rue des Teinturiers
80080 Amiens
T +33 (0)3 22 66 49 90

Baccalauréat or equivalent

3 years (DNA) + 2 years (DNSEP) + 16 months (postgraduate)

Graphic design, digital design, font design, 3D moving images

Diplôme National d’Art (DNA equivalent BA)
Diplôme National d’Expression Plastique (DNSEP equivalent MA)


Barbara Dennys

Teachers, graphic and digital design

Arnaud de la Batie, Jean-Claude Chianale , Françoise Courbis, Patrick Doan, Eva Kubinyi, Jean-Baptiste Levée, Clémence Michon , Alisa Nowak, Patrick Paleta, Mathieu Réguer, Simond Renaud, Mathieu Allard, Vincent Blary, Pierre Boutillier, Olivier Charpentier, Rémi Dumas Primbault, Eric Madeleine, Hally Pancer, Anna Radecka, Christian Rondet, David Rosenfeld, Donald Abad, Olivier Cornet, Dominique Giroudeau, Laurent Herbet, Christophe Loy, Isabelle Prieur, Mark Webster, Benoît Wimart, Dominique Boutet, Victor Guégan, Stéphanie Katz, Nicolas Lenys, Sara Martinetti, Sébastien Morlighem, François Caspar, Mathieu Reguer, Frederik Berlaen, Sarène André, Dean Dixon

Teachers, moving images
Philippe Baby, Marcelo Publio, Jocelyn Casanova, Morgan Castejon, Olivier Charpentier, Guillaume Darras, François Fraco, Dominique Giroudeau, Julien Grigny, Frédéric Guérin, Stéphanie Katz, Alexis Leleu, Nicolas Lenys, Nicolas Minier, David Montigny, Rémy Pozla, Mike Tarratte, Olivier Thiébaut, Cécile Welker, Sarène André, Dean Dixon

The École Supérieure d’Art et de Design in Amiens offers high-level teaching in two fields: graphic and digital design, and 3D moving images.

Graphic and digital design option

The first module of the course covers the basics of graphic and visual communication applied to paper publishing and digital information systems. On obtaining their DNA qualification (end of 3rd year), students choose between two streams:

– Graphic design, which covers complex graphic systems. Some students, on obtaining their DNSEP (end of fifth year), may join the postgraduate EsadType course on the creation of fonts for screens and printed materials.

– Digital design, which goes deeper into the conception of digital devices, with a view to designing user experiences and taking on board scientific and cognitive considerations. This option involves twin streams organised with the Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC), leading to two diplomas: the DNSEP and the Master’s degree specialising in Humanities and the Creative Industries (UTC).

Moving images option

Working to BA level, the “Image Animée” option gives students the chance to conceive animation films and video games, in 2D or 3D, as of the first year, in what is a cultural and artistically demanding environment. Having obtained their DNA (3rd year), students will further develop their specialisation in the second cycle, maintaining the same standards of quality, in order to obtain their DNSEP diploma at the end of the 5th year.

ESAD in Amiens is working on several graphic design and moving image research projects (De-Sign-e research team) and has its own resource centre and archives. It belongs to the Erasmus network and is pro-active in student entrepreneurship. ESAD Amiens is also a member of the associations Picardie Universités, Arépic, Pépite Picardie and Andéa