ESMD École Supérieure Musique & Danse Hauts-de-France - Lille

Rue Alphonse Colas
59000 Lille
T +33 (0)3 28 36 67 90

Music, dance

Diplôme National Supérieur Professionnel de Musicien (DNSPM)
Initial training – 6 semesters (3 years)
Course linked to the “Musician, Performing and Creative” BA programme at Lille 3 University
Access after school baccalauréat (or equivalent) by competitive exam

State diploma (DE) for teaching music

Initial training 6 semesters (3 years) articulated with the DNSPM
Admission by competitive exam, only for DNSPM students at the ESMD
Continuing education – 5 semesters
Admission by application and exam, only for music teachers in the departments of Pas-de-Calais and Somme
Validation of experience

Validation and writing of a dossier

State diploma in conducting vocal ensembles – 6 semesters
Admission by application and exam

State diploma for dance teacher – 5 semesters
Course linked to the BA level “Teaching Dance” programme at Lille 3 University
Admission by order of application, for EAT or DEC holders only.

245 students in initial and continuing education

Bruno Humetz

Jocelyne Fonteix

Head of teaching, DNSPM
Valérie Girbal

Head of teaching, DE music
Jacqueline Bruckert

Head of teaching, DE dance
Pascal Minam-Borier

Recognised by the Ministry of Culture and Communication since 2012, the École Supérieure Musique et Danse Hauts-de-France – Lille pursues projects in line with the national objective of carrying out a public service mission of higher professional artistic training and organising training programmes integrated into the European space, leading to careers as performer, creator and teacher of music and dance.

ESMD enables students to have varied and demanding artistic experiences in professional conditions. Every year it welcomes over 200 recognised contributors from the worlds of music and dance, notably through is partnerships with the leading cultural entities in the region: Orchestre National de Lille, Opéra de Lille, Ballet du Nord – CCN–Roubaix, Le Gymnase – CDCN, Orchestre de Picardie, and via the regional network of music and dance academies.

The school thus helps foster a new generation of rigorous and committed creative artists who will contribute to the development of the region and are guided by a keen sense of educational, social and cultural issues.